Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Make a difference while you still can in 2009!!

As we head into 2009, be on the look-out for new stories, programs, experiences and developments coming directly from the House; to learn from, to grown from and to educate everyone on how important the work GMCH does is! We will be rolling out more ways to communicate with each other and with the external support system that we have been developing throughout the great Bay Area and beyond. We are so lucky to have supporters and advocates that consistently see what their time, efforts, and money does when we apply it to helping our families, our children and everyone that walks through out doors who are in need of our services.

But we can't do it without YOU; those of you who know little about GMCH. Call us, write us, comment on our blog. We would love to give you a tour, should the level of activity at the House permits, and show you how we are different from any hospital, any pediatric medical facility that we know of in the USA.

Thank you again and for more information on how YOU can make a huge difference, whether it's through volunteering, donating, sharing your time or your experiences, please visit our website: www.georgemark.org.

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