Friday, January 9, 2009

The Happy Computer: Texting is SO last year!

As most of us have noticed, the internet is taking over. How we learn, how we communicate, how we shop, how we read, write, etc. However, there are many good things to be said about all of these technological advancements...and they are no longer becoming advancements, but are the norm, as well all know, in getting news, getting your voice heard and hearing voices...or something like that. : )

So, here are more ways in which you can stay on top of your "Favorites," "Bookmarks," social networking and sharing and, most importantly, how you can stay in touch with and on top of all of the news coming out of George Mark Children's House:
  • - a great way to save and share your favorite websites, blogs, newsfeeds, etc., using a "Tab" system and easily tracking what your internet searches have brought you. Check out the link to the left on this blog for more details! Get to your bookmarks anytime, from anywhere, and from any computer. This allows a tagging mechanism that can caterogize your Bookmarked sites, so that others can easily access such a site through searching under keywords. For example, I would tag GMCH under "children" "medicine" "pediatric" "life" "respite" "house" "healthcare" "kids" "family" , etc.
  • - another great way to easily access and share your favorite sites and web searches, and then some. digg allows a member (free!) to access popular sites, blogs, videos, etc., that have been voted on and recommended by other users. Think of this as sort of a Wikipedia for it is opinion based. Conversations are conducted around content, members can follow each others opinions, or you can share your own opinions about your favorite sites. A great way to tell the world about GMCH!

Under being a registrant with both of these sites (which is free) you can share your favorites and communicate about your fabulous finds with friends and invite friends to join. It's fast and easy.

Stay in touch for more from the Happy Computer Corner...

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