Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Computer Corner: Giving Doesn't Need to be Expensive...

Even though people are cutting down on their spending doesn't mean priorities shouldn't still shift further - to spending more money on what really matters, and what will give back to those in serious need. Before you buy those new shoes, that happen to be on sale 500%, or even that more expensive bottle of shampoo that you usually buy, think about how far $5 could go when given to an organization that provides homeless with fresh nutritious food, or donating it in more creative ways. It has been said, in the most recent past, that a dollar does not stretch as far as it used to (meaning a dollar in 2004 does not stretch as far as it did in 1935). Time to switch that mantra! A dollar DOES go as far TODAY as it did in 1935, especially now that sales are going out of control and clothing stores, houseware stores and car dealerships are practically giving away their products. More importantly, creative people with creative idea's and resources are coming up with ways to let the public know about how easy it is to be creative (and generous) with that dollar - and stretch it for good! has some great ideas on how to give $5 to impact a charity in need, or (even better on the budget) how to give 5 minutes of your time. And for you iphone junkies who can't get enough of those crazy downloads and applications (I just saw the Star Wars light sword one - so awesome, and so hysterical!), there are now ways to donate money through your application purchases...and more and more non-profit organizations are developing their own iphone applications to keep supporters engaged and having fun while thinking about and supporting their favorite charity! For more detailed information on the subject, Have Fun Do Good is a great resource. Just some things to think about when you are fighting Darth Vadar and saving the Universe...from your office cubicle.

-Happy Computer Corner

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