Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Much Does Our Community Give Back? A LOT!

Even in touch economic times, it doesn't take much to get a bunch of friends together for a friendly game of poker or a night of bowling. This is just what two out of the many groups in our community (San Francisco Bay Area) are doing for non-profits like GMCH. Our friends at Active Charity (http://www.activecharity.com/) made sure we took advantage of any straight flushes and donated proceeds from their poker tournament to GMCH. This guys night in wasn't only about chips and dips. Another group created the HOFE Bowling Fundraiser, offering a chance for friends to hit the lanes and donate to GMCH. Their awesome video of the evening here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a0CCgtOKVQ also offers a chance for others interested in the concept to submit their ideas and get together to make another fun-draiser happen.

We are so lucky to have such strong support in and the creative idea's keep on coming. Whether you want to hold a private ice-skating show in your backyard in Wisconsin for charity or run a marathon in the Napa Valley in the name of an ill friend or relative, make your own rules and follow your own path, pick something that can be fun, and that you can do over and over. These actions put the needs of others into perspective and only help our communities and our country learn about what "checks and balances" really means.

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