Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Oakland A's Visit GMCH!

George Mark Children's House welcomed two of our very own Oakland A's a few weeks ago. They joined us for a day of tours, lunch, and doing what they do best; flexing their skills and their charitable work! The A's have always been influencial and focused in on the community that surrounds them, and are always eager to find ways to plug into the fans and what's happening in and around the Bay Area. This was truly exemplified by their visit to GMCH, where players Gio Gonzalez and Dana Eveland met a few of our kids, enjoyed lunch with our House and Nursing staff and presented us with one of the most generous gifts this year; a generous check for our hydrotherapy program. Some might say, "Wow! You guys have a spa at the House?" The word "spa" doesn't quite bring to mind what this smaller pool does, or what it needs to sustain it's incredible services for our children and their families. Surrounded by soothing and sea-like murals and tiles, and windows, our hydroptherapist, Sheila Pyatt spearheads the program, and creates relaxing sessions with the kids, easing a child's relentless pain and helping them to feel the joys of weightlessness, with the assistance of a guardian, certified volunteer or staff member. As we all know, just the human head weighs (what did that kid in Jerry McGuire say?) 8 pounds! That's a lot to carry around all day...especially when you aren't feeling up to it. And many of our kids aren't. Yes, it does cost a lot to keep these kinds of programs going. Yet this type of "medication" can attempt in making a child's pain even a bit more manageable. And as we say constantly...this House is here to ease here to do it with dignity and respect and sometimes without having to administer i.v. or prescribe medications. This House is life!

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