Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Policy Pulse (1st Edition): What Our Government is Doing to Help Our Families

People are worried about healthcare; some don't want to have to give their tax dollars up to help others with it; some need to know, despite there being a cut in things like social security in the future, that healthcare won't suffer from similar doom and gloom. This is America, after all, isn't it? some say. There is always hope! HOPE: another one of those four letter words, like LIVE and LOVE, that encompass so many things; ideas, feelings, emotions, definitions, and actions and that we don't look to enough for answers. There are beacons of light out there...promise. Read on...

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"U.S. House Approves Hospice Rate Protections

Progress in halting the implementation of the hospice rate cuts was made today when the U.S. House of Representatives approved its version of the economic stimulus package being debated on Capitol Hill this week.

The House package includes a one-year moratorium on a Medicare reimbursement rate cut through elimination of the budget neutrality adjustment factor (BNAF). As the hospice community knows firsthand, this regulatory rate cut threatens access to compassionate, high quality end of life care and jeopardizes the survival of many hospice programs, especially smaller ones.

The NHPCO (National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization) works with the public to ensure that the seriously and terminally ill receive quality care. "

For more information and to educate yourself on what this and the stimulus plan really means for facilities like us and the people we serve, please visit the National Assocation for Healthcare and Hospice website and the New York Times

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