Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Twice a month...make it a routine!

Twice a month, GMCH will be rolling out a new social/charity/web networking tool to our supporters that will regularly inhance our exposure, support (hopefully!) and visibility amongst all those web savvy...and those needing to climb on up out of the dark ages! Yes, is hard for all of us. However, it's one of the most effective, usually casual, cost effective and fun ways to get the word out about all of the great work that GMCH is doing!

As most of you know, GMCH is one of a kind. No where in the United States would you find another facility quite like ours. Some compare it to Ronald McDonald House facilities, or St. Jude Children's Hospital and Research. We are kind of a mixture of both, throw is some of the most compassionate and passionate, professional, giving and human nurses, medical staff, social workers, child psychologists, adminstrative staff, volunteer manager, event manager, child life specialist, etc., and you get a very special group of individuals working as a team to make sure that every moment a very ill child has with their family, friends and loved ones if filled with joy, respect, comfort, privacy and happiness. To learn more, please visit our blog regularly and refer to our website: And please keep up with our bi-weekly updates on what is new with GMCH spreading the word on the web! We are sure to be the hottest thing on Twitter and VERY soon!

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