Tuesday, January 6, 2009

twitter, delicious, the point? Where do I start?!

Since the dawn of time, or since the dawn of people like Bill, Sergey and Larry and Steve, techies are always coming up with new and sometimes exciting, sometimes daunting, ways of sharing, communicating, friend-ing, linking, googling, searching, profiling, typing, joining, registering, editing and contributing to or with everyone else on this planet through the web. What a crazy tool! One can quickly become overwhelmed by how many ways there are to send a quick message to someone telling someone else, or a group of someone's or a forum or following of someone's, what they are doing in the next 5 seconds, or what they did 5 seconds ago, or telling someone else over here a restaurant that was visited, then rated, written about, commented on, reviewed and commented on again. Blogging, group discussions via the internet, RSS Feeds (digresing to a first person perspective, I didn't know, nor do I still really understand, what this is) are out there, and organizations, companies, businesses and individuals, smaller and large, public and private, non-profit and for profit, need to keep up or the loss of momentum could be fatal. So just take a little time each day, or an hour a week read about thepoint.com, delicious.com, stumbleupon, twitter, etc. And don't just look at these kinds of sites because there is so much pressure to stay ahead of the tech-curve, but rather look them up to spread the word about your favorite things...including GMCH!! There are so many ways to link us, communicate about us, share us, talk about us, read about us, bookmark us, send short messages about us and educate people about us. Share the GMCH name today!

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